Black Ice – Pillow Talk 8500: Bold and Refreshing

Experience the bold and refreshing flavor of Black Ice with the Pillow Talk 8500, available for $15.99. This vape flavor combines the rich, dark essence of blackberries with a cool menthol finish, offering a revitalizing and satisfying vaping experience.

Designed for vapers who value convenience and exceptional taste, the Pillow Talk 8500 features a sleek and compact design. Pre-filled with ample e-liquid capacity, this device ensures extended use without frequent refills. Its dependable battery provides consistent performance, delivering smooth and enjoyable hits with every draw.

Black Ice by Pillow Talk presents a meticulously balanced blend of flavors, ensuring a delightful vaping session. Each puff captures the deep, rich taste of blackberries complemented by the icy blast of menthol, creating a harmonious and invigorating vape sensation.

Don't miss out on this exceptional vape flavor. Elevate your vaping journey with the Pillow Talk 8500 and indulge in the bold Black Ice blend.

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