If you are looking for a side hustle or a new business idea, you may have thought about ways to make money online. When you know what you are doing , making money online is pretty straightforward. You can do it Full-time or part-time right from the comfort of your home. Who wouldn't want to work in their pijamas and pull in some extra cash ?

  In this article we will explore some different ways of making money.

Can I make money online ?

Yes, you can make money online. In fact, making money online is an incredably popular way to earn some extra income. According to Pew research , approximately 1 in 6 Americans have earned money online.

How to make money online :

  1.  find freelancing work
  2.  Start a youtube channel
  3.  Start a dropshipping business
  4.  Take online surveys 
  5.  Create a blog
  6.  Write and publish an ebook
  7.  Develop an app
  8.  Become a virtual tutor
  9.  Become an influencer
  10.  Build websites
  11.  Start investing in stocks 
  12.  Sell staff that you dont use 
  13.  Sell your art and photography
  14.  Become an online translator 
  15.  Create a podcast

Before you set out to make money online, keep these basic tips in mind :

  • Watch out for scams
  • Market yourself
  • Pursue your interests

While you may think that making money online is just a pipe dream, it isn't. There are plenty of ways that you can make money online. Thousands of people do it every day, and you can do it too. However in order to make money online, you have to establish an online presence and market yourself.